Choosing Petra as our night doula was one of the best investments we have made for our family. 

Petra gently guided us through the challenges that come with being new (twin) parents, and we trusted her wholeheartedly to care for them while we got much needed rest.

She is extremely kind, dependable, and she has so much knowledge that comes with her extensive experience. Petra also taught us to instill good sleep habits, and now I have two great sleepers that sleep through the night! 

She is truly a special person, and we are grateful for her help in caring for our babies. I cannot recommend her enough! 

J.C. Toronto December 2018

I have had the great pleasure to work with Petra twice now, once 3 years ago for my first daughter who had some trouble falling asleep on her own. More recently she helped me with my second daughter who is now 6 months and was going through a really hard sleep regression and I was beyond exhausted. As soon as I followed her sleep plan things quickly fell into place. I can honestly say that I never felt pressured to stick to one type of thing if I wasn’t comfortable, if something wasn’t working she was flexible and tried something else. She always was happy to explain and elaborate on exactly what needed to be done and what I could expect to happen. She never left me feeling lost and on my own. Her main priority was for my daughter to be happy and healthy and sleeping well.

Petra also has been using this wonderful app called Baby Connect which is fantastic and I still use. She was available via phone or email and the app at very regular times. She always followed up with me about the baby’s progress from the day and night before. Her knowledge knows no bounds and she always had a way of making the situation feel very calm when I could not. I highly recommend her to any and all parents with kids of any age as she has lots of experience with all situations.

S.M. Thornhill, November 2018

Petra is a calm guiding voice through the emotional roaster coaster that is sleep training. With the amount of information that is found online, Petra was able explain, distill and tailor an approach that worked for us. Our twins are such happy, well rested babies since they’ve learnt to sleep in their own.

K.Z. Toronto, Oct 2017

Petra was referred to me by a close friend who also had sleep challenges with her twins.  What stood out to me in our conversation was the fact that what worked for one twin did not work for the other.  Petra determined which strategy would best meet the individual needs of each twin.  I was looking for someone who did not use a one size fits all method to help my son fall asleep on his own. Petra was definitely the person for us.  From all her years experience, Petra had a multitude of methods from which to choose to ensure that my son's physical and psychological needs were constantly being met. Whenever there was a setback, Petra assessed the situation and was able to find the right strategy for the moment.  At every stage, she made a comprehensive individual sleep plan for my son.  I was able to not only learn her strategy but also understand the theory it was grounded in.  Her passion as a sleep consultant was evident in the dedication she demonstrated to us throughout this sometimes difficult journey.  Her priority was my son's well-being which guided the sleep plans that she designed.  I never felt "left on my own" at any time.  I was able to keep in daily communication with Petra through an app called Baby Connect, which I found very handy.  In addition, we would communicate through email or over the phone on a regular basis as well. At bedtime, my son is now able to fall asleep on his own within minutes and sleep through the night.  We are so happy with Petra's compassion, patience and  considerable knowledge of sleep!  Thank you!  Grace D. Etobicoke Nov 2017

I had the pleasure of having Petra assist us at night after our first baby came into the world. Before hiring her I wasn't sure if it was a service I needed but I can truly say it was one of the best decisions I made as a new mom. I don't know what I would have done without her guidance and encouragement throughout the first several weeks of motherhood. There were many nights that I just wanted to hug her as soon as she walked in the door because I knew when she arrived she would bring a sense of calm into the home, and I knew everything would fall into place for the night. She taught us so much about caring for our new addition; from the simple things like changing diapers, bathing, and sanitizing bottles to tips on newborn sleep and breastfeeding techniques. It put my mind at ease having her at night to take care of the baby so my husband and I could recover from the day. She takes care of the little stuff  so you can take care of yourself. Having Petra in our home was like having my mom there to help me through the hard times, and for that I couldn't thank her enough. I will without a doubt call upon Petra when we are expecting our next addition. Forever grateful. Chloe S. Toronto Nov 2017

Having Petra as an overnight doula for our second daughter was absolutely invaluable. She came the first night we were gone from the hospital and instantly brought calm to a stressful time. Her expertise brought comfort and helped to create confidence for us as parents of a newborn. The only regret is not having know about her when we brought our first daughter home. We wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend to anyone with a new baby.   Sarah S. Newmarket  Jun 2017

My 5.5 month old daughter was waking every two hours at night when I was lucky and every forty-five minutes when I wasn't. I was desperate for help, but I didn't want to just leave my baby to cry, especially as she had been co-sleeping and nursing all night and I thought it would be shock to her system. Petra worked with us to first start making small changes, including a proper bedtime routine, helping her to learn to self settle (first with some help and then on her own) and ensuring she had the appropriate amount of day time sleep. Before we ever started to really sleep coach, she was already going to sleep on her own and sleeping longer stretch. Petra then worked with me when issues inevitably arose to ensure we kept moving forward. Petra was always willing to work with me on different solutions and was not dogmatic about one approach -- she knows that many different approaches can work and that you have to work with the specific parents and baby. I can now keep my eyes open during the day, and, most importantly, I have a happy, well rested baby.   Dena V. Thornhill Jun 2017

It is our pleasure to provide a recommendation letter on behalf of Petra Nobel. Petra was a godsend when our daughter's sleep habits were spiraling out of control. My husband and I were so sleep deprived that we knew it was time to sleep train, but we were anxious about using the "cry it out" method; we wanted to provide our daughter with a more gentle method of sleep training. We also had no idea how to get rid of the sleep crutches she needed to fall asleep, which included us rocking her, bouncing her, singing to her, and letting her suck for hours and multiples times per night.   Karin M. Whitby Mar 2017

Petra provided our young baby girl with a very gentle sleep training plan that proved successful in less than 3 weeks. We could not have dreamed up a better sleep training experience thanks to her. Her compassionate demeanour, success rate, and her level of knowledge and experience cause us to highly recommend Petra for any sleep training endeavour.  Ashley P. Toronto Jun 2016

With Petra's help, my baby's sleep improves a lot. Her works gets me through those sleepless nights, not only the professional knowledge, but also the emotional support. During our session, she was very informative and patient. Quick response and helpful tips. It's amazing to see the baby get a sweet dream and wake up with smiles.

Thank you Petra!  Chrissy W. Markham May 2016

I have had such a good experience with a postpartum doula and baby sleep coach that I had to share. Petra Nobel is terrific. Here was my situation - second baby meaning two under three, my husband needing to go back to work, a painful c-section recovery and extremely limited family hands-on support. Enter Petra! She came by for a few hours a couple of times a week (more frequently in the first two weeks) to help with the newborn, allow me to spend time with my older child, take a shower and sleep! She was amazing. Just the right mix of humour, diligence, experience and skill. A mother of two, she clearly loves babies and they love her. She supported me in achieving my goal of exclusively breastfeeding, but I know she would have supported me in combo feeding or formula feeding if that had been my choice. Petra is totally down-to-earth and all about making sure mom and baby are thriving; she listens to what you want and does not push her goals onto you. She has been great with gentle sleep coaching too. Undoubtedly, she made the transition to having two children so much easier.  Alex C. Toronto Mar 2016

Hiring Petra immediately calmed our fears. She took the time to get to know us, our daughter, our concerns and her history, and she even spent a few days reading over her sleep logs in order to create a personalized sleep training plan that would work for us and our daughter. Every day she would review and reflect on the previous night's sleep, and, depending on how things went, she would come up with the next night's plan. She constantly checked in on us to get our thoughts and make sure we were ready for any next steps, while simultaneously providing us with the support and "cheerleading" that we needed. She was available to text, email or chat at almost any time throughout the three weeks. She was firm in implementing the plan, as consistency and following through was important for our daughter, but she also didn't push us toward the next step if we were not ready.  Simona S. Richmond Hill Jan 2016

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