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Virtual Support

At DoulaWorks we know that in person postpartum support is most beneficial. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are offering you the next best option, virtual support. You will still benefit from our experience, knowledge, personalized advise and our passion to support you during your postpartum time.

Virtual postpartum doula support.  


Package of 5 virtual postpartum visits for the first 5 days after your baby is born.

Support will be scheduled in the form of virtual face to face calls, via Skype, WhatsApp or Zoommeeting. If these are not available or problematic we could schedule a phone call.

Up to 90 minutes of call time, which can be broken down into two 45 minute calls throughout the day if you like.

You can also use WhatsApp to message us with any questions or concerns throughout the day, up to 10 messages  per day  from 7 am till 10 pm. We will answer your messages within an hour. If it’s something urgent that requires an immediate answer you can call us and we will usually answer you, or call you back straight away, day or evening. Should you require more support via messaging, we can add that on for an additional fee. 


CAPPA (our certifying body) has suggested a schedule. We have used it as a guide as to how virtual support may look like. This is just to give you an idea, and we can adjust it as needed to suit your needs. 


Day 1 check in

  • Listen to your birth story

  • Questions about your  baby’s feeding

  • Suggestions on how everyone can rest now that your baby has arrived

  • Checking on birthing parent’s physical comfort

  • Has your baby had a bowel movement yet?

  • Planning for the next 24 hours


Day 2 check in

  • Are you going home today?

  • Have you got the car seat ready?

  • How is birthing parent’s physical well-being?

  • How is feeding going?

  • Where will your baby sleep when you get home?

  • A run through of all newborn procedures and caring for the newborn

  • Plans to bathe your baby?

  • How many wet and poopy diapers to expect

  • Will there be food ready at home?


Day 3 check in

  • Questions about the first night home

  • How is the feeding going?

  • Changes in breast?

  • How many times did  your baby feed?

  • How many wet and poopy diapers did your baby have?

  • Would you like to schedule a ‘talk through’ baby bath?

  • How does birthing parent feel today? 

  • Checking on parent/parents well-being

  • Meals- are you all eating? Brainstorm meal planning


Day 4 check in

  • Has mature milk arrived if breastfeeding?

  • Is your baby latching on well? 

  • How many diapers now and is your baby's poop colour changing?

  • How is the birthing parent feeling?

  • Any signs of “the blues”?

  • Has your baby been to the pediatrician?

  • Who else can they call for support?


Day 5 check in

  • How is everyone? 

  • How is feeding going?

  • Tell me about baby’s sleep

  • Tell me about your sleep

  • Any questions about baby care? 

  • How have you kept connection with the rest of your family?

  • What do you need most at the moment?


You can choose to extend this package after the 5 days, going onto a monthly virtual support plan, $40 per month. Up to 20 messages, additional face-time messages are available at the regular hourly rate of $40.

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